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Life after death

Note: This post contained information about ghosts and spirits. If you are super sensitive, in other words, scare, then please don't read on.

Hi Guys,

So what is life after death? Are we gonna be vanished forever? Or are we going to have a life after we die? I often believe the latter is closest to the truth. After all, I've seen ghosts and spirits. So it makes me more determine to analyse this further.

Where do they come from? Why are they here? Why the hell I can see them? Are they scary? Hell, of course. Things that are unexpected are often scary. For example, you dont expect a guest in your house unless you know about it.

If there is a life after death, our knowledge, our experience and our memory, we can bring it all with us. Can we? Perhaps.

As a kid, I have witnessed a person being possessed by a spirit. The spirit was the mother. She died with unfinished business hence possessing the body of her daughter to complete her task. She had wanted to fulfil her duty to God.

Mrs Wong (a friend of my mum) in a conversation with the spirit in front of nearly 30 people including me.

Mrs. Wong: Why are you here, Aunty?
The Spirit: I have unfinished business here.
Mrs. Wong: Of what sort do you speak of?
The Spirit: Of my duty to God. I have not been a filial believer. I want to fulfil my duty now by praying here tonight.
Mrs. Wong: Ok but how long do you plan to possess your daughter's body?
The Spirit (annoyed): For as long as I am doing my duty.
Mrs. Wong: Your daughter loves you. Don't you think it's not good for you to do this to her? You're making her suffer. Do you know that?

The Spirit: It is nothing. I am just using her body for a while. Absolutely nothing to fuss about.

The spirit then kneel down and pray. During that process, she keep kicking her slippers away. I wonder why. Probably she was uncomfortable. After a short while, something strange happened.

The Spirit: Stop cursing me, whoever you are. I mean no harm to my daughter, ok?
Mrs. Wong: To whom you are referring to?
The Spirit: To your son. In his prayer, he was cursing me.
Mrs. Wong: How do you know?
The Spirit: Well, I know. So tell him to stop.

The 13 or 14 years old boy was obviously shocked! But from his expression, you can see the truth. He was really cursing the spirit in his prayer. On the other hand, the spirit continues to pray quietly. There was dead silence within the crowd. Obviously shocked at the turn of events. It took about 20 minutes or so for the spirit to complete her prayer. Then she suddenly rise up.

The Spirit: I can see the Goddess Kuan Yin! I can see God. They are everywhere! They are all here. They are all here!

Mrs. Wong: They are here? Where?
The Spirit: Everywhere. I think I have to go already. Tell my family, I love them.

Within a minute, the spirit was gone. Her daughter fainted on the floor and woke up after 2 or 3 minutes. It was that dramatic and it's an event I will not forget for the rest of my life. This is no bollywood tamil movie act. It's real and it's right in front of my naked eyes!

I was just a kid and without question, I was terrified to the max.

The wife that came back after dying for 15 minutes
A Chinese daily had once published a story about a wife who died either in an accident or something along that line. Her hubby hugged the lifeless body of his wife and begged for her to come back never knowing his melancholic act will yield a miracle. He was hopeful. After 15 minutes, the wife opened her eyes. She looked lost but she was completely alright. She confessed to her husband that she is not the wife. She is another spirit that has entered the body. Her hubby doesn't care. He still accepts her. How weird is that?

Together, they did an interview with a reporter from the Chinese daily.

Reporter: So you claim that you are a spirit that has entered the body of this lady?
Wife: Yes. I can tell you that I have gotten permission to do so. I am granted to use her body to live as a human for 2 years. Thanks to the begging of the lady's husband, who is currently my husband. I am to take care of him until he can face the lost of his wife.
Reporter: You were granted to use the body for 2 years by whom?
Wife: By the highest authority in hell.
Reporter: They gave you the right to do so?
Wife: Yes.
Reporter: So you are telling me that you came from hell?
Wife: Yes, absolutely. Do not be alarmed. I find that, you people has the wrong perception of hell. Hell is not as bad as you think it is.
Reporter: Can you elaborate further on that?
Wife: Ok. For a start, hell is almost similar to life on earth. We have our studies and we have our work. I am currently in my 2nd year of higher education learning. We have the rich and the poor as well. The big difference between here and hell is the fact that, the poor do not suck up to the rich. It is not like life on earth whereby the poor are often slaves to the rich people. There is no such thing there. You practically live your own life happily. We have offenders as well, hence there is law and protection. Offenders will be dealt with punishment, just like here.
Reporter: Are there any truth about the 7th month of the Chinese calender, whereby it is known as the Ghost Month?
Wife: Absolutely true. The hell's gate will be opened and spirits who are granted the rights can come and visit their loved ones for a short period. Do not be alarmed. These are non-harmful spirits. Humans can never see them anyway.
Reporter: So you will be here for 2 years and then what will happen to you?
Wife: I will die. I will have to go back to where I came from. That was what agreed between me and the higher authority of hell.
Reporter: And your husband? Does he knows about this?
Wife: To him is more like "As long as I can have you for 2 more years". I am going to get him to start getting used to it.
Reporter: So when we die, we will be having a life there?
Wife: Yes. If you are not serving your duty in hell, you will be serving your duty in heaven.
Reporter: So it is not done for us when this life is over?
Wife: This life is supposed to be temporary. The after life is the permanent one.
Reporter: So I will still need to work?
Wife (laughs): Yes, if you want to survive, you obviously need to work.

Exactly after 2 years, she passed away. How weird is that? Coincidence? Did it on purpose just to put up a show? I doubt it! It's not like she's going to get an Oscar or something.

One day before my Grandpapa passed away

I missed my Grandpapa. I remember when he was still around, we would cheer for Liverpool FC together with my dad like mad.

Mum: Grandpapa said that he saw his mother, father and aunty. He told Grandma. He said the aunty was very quiet and keep observing him only.
Me: Serious? So it's true. Moments before we die, our loved ones who have passed away will come and visit us.
Mum: Yes. I think so. He knows when he will be going away.
Me: So is Grandpapa gonna die?
Mum: Yes. He has suffered. It's best for him to go rather than struggling on. Plus, when these things come and visit, you will know that time is up.
Me: Oh my God. So if I am about to die of old age one day, you and papa will come and visit me?
Mum: Sheesh.. don't talk nonsense.
Me: No. I am serious.
Mum: Yes. I think that's the way it works.

A few years later, I read the book "Five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom. The author said the same about this experience. He stated that moments before his uncle passed away, he saw his relatives coming by and visit him.

After life
So is there a life after we die? Yes! Can we blog in the after life? Well, how in the hell would I know? I dont even know whether there is internet. Perhaps they are using a different technology altogether. Something that's far more advanced. Haha.

And the bonus we get after dying? Well, you get to start your life all over again! Work and study ---- ewww.... I know, I know! How about networking, socialising and clubbing? --- Freaking cool, isnt it? Dating as well, perhaps? I don't know. After I die, I will know.

So it's goodbye for now!

Dillon Yong


Anonymous said...

There is definitely life after we die. Yes.

Dillon Yong said...

Good thing that you believe. Most people I talked to, will not believe me. Is it really that difficult to believe?

My idiot friend, 2 months after he openly challenged me that there is no such thing as ghost and after life, met a ghost.

Anonymous said...

I have tried several attempts for suicide and I am scared of the afterlife or don't have anything to do it with but I want to. I must, my bf just broke up with me, no job, no car and HIV positive now! So please just let me die

Dillon Yong said...

Dear Anon,

Oh God. I am terribly sorry to hear this.

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