Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He said: "It's BULLSHIT! I dont believe in GHOSTS. If they exist, let me see them."

It didn't happen right away. It didn't happen over a day or so. In fact, it took 2 months for an incident to happen. But our friend got what he deserved!

Hey guys,

When I was a kid, my mother always advised me, "Never ever play with fire". In short, don't look for trouble.

Mama: If you offend a woman, she might end up marrying your boss and you're dead. If you offend the ghosts, they may bother you forever and you're equally dead.
Me: That means ghosts and women have similarities, isn't it?
Mama: What do you mean?
Me: They are both very revengeful!
Mama: Just mark my words. Dont play with fire. Dont challenge the ghosts or say something stupid that you may regret.

It's something that I will remember for the rest of my life. It's natural for me to accept it easily simply because I have seen ghosts with my naked eyes, so many times before in my life. As I previously mentioned, I was like the kid in 6th Sense. It is something that I constantly share with my friends who are curious.

Rich: Are you serious? How do they look like?
Me: Scary. I think they copy someone else's or some statue's appearance. Some are like human that you cannot immediately notice that they are ghost until of course when they disappeared into the wall. Some look exactly like the statue or a drawing. The little girl that I saw was dress in red shirt and black blouse. She has a weird cartoon face.
Rich: How you know she was a ghost?
Me: Dude, she was floating. She was looking at me while she was floating away. I was so freaked out that I couldn't move for 5 minutes. Even as I'm telling you right now, I am shaking.
Rich: That is scary shit, dude.

Often, people will choose to listen because they are curious. More than often, people choose to accept it as reality just to avoid seeing one! After all, it is a scary thing that you would want to avoid at all costs. It is not something to be "Macho" about. It is perfectly alright to be scared. However, this doesn't apply to this ego-maniac friend of mine.

Cal: It's bullshit! I dont believe in crap like that. I don't believe in ghosts. If they exist, let me see them. Tell them to come and visit me tonight. I'll be waiting.
Me: Stop! Are you nuts? It's not something to be excited about. I need you to take back your words right now. I am serious.
Cal: I am fucking serious too! If they exist, why cant I see them? I am not afraid because I know shits like that dont exist. It's just a "tell-tale"
Me: That means you're trying to say that I'm a liar
Cal: Well, if you're not, then pray that I will be proven wrong
Me: You're making a big mistake my friend. Big mistake.
Cal: Whatever. Let's talk about where to hangout, dude. This ghost subject is driving me nuts.

The conversation about ghosts ended there. Everyone happily moved on with their lives. For almost 2 months, nothing happened (Not that I pray something will happen to my ego friend). Then one day, when Cal was alone at home, the ghost came and pay him an overdue visit. It was a sight that will not be forgotten for the rest of his life I guess.

He was walking down the stairs when he suddenly noticed a black cloud with a human body shape that resembles a woman but without a face was walking up. He was stunned. The ghost just walked past him and went into the room and disappeared. Now that is what I would call a close encounter. Even though I have seen many, I witnessed them from a distance. His experience was just side by side. Perhaps the ghost was afraid that he couldn't see it clearly and thus made an attempt to be so near to our friend so that he wont deny their existence anymore. Cal went to the kitchen, clearly stunned; poured a glass of water and sat down on a chair emotionless. He didnt dare to go up to his room. He waited for everyone else to come home to tell them about his freaky encounter. Later that night, he called me.

Cal: I saw it! I saw it! The ghost.
Me: What? Where?
Cal: At home. The thing walked past me. It's so scary my friend. I now finally believe in ghost.
Me: Thought I told you so. Never ever challenge those thing anymore.
Cal: My friend, even if you pay me a million dollar, I wont repeat what I said before.

Since then, we've never talked about ghost encounters anymore as our friend couldn't handle it. He doesnt want to be reminded of that freaky encounter anymore.

The conclusion is:
Dont try to be a macho man just to look good in front of your friends and simply say any shit you like. You may end up paying for it. For Cal, his life is forever tainted. Tainted with a scary encounter that will affect him for a long long time. Just like me, people who have witnessed it with their own eyes will have a deep memory of it forever. It's not a blessing. It's a curse. I can assure you.




Anonymous said...

Stupid idiot! Toying with danger and pretending to be cool. Hate it when guys do this.

dill said...


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